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However, on early cars like the 1967 MG Midget in these photos, the OEM fresh air intake for the heater/ventilation system must be rerouted, as the supercharger mounts directly in its path. The method is straightforward: simply remove the OEM duct, air control vane, and snail-shaped fan, and either relocate or replace each component. The Problem: When moisture is drawn through the PCV system during cold temperatures, it could cause a non-heated PCV valve to freeze and stick. If stuck in a closed position, the valve could allow crankcase pressure and blow-by to damage gaskets and seals. The engine simply blows it out the breather or burns it in the combustion chamber via the PCV system. The supercharger can lose a relatively small amount of oil by its front seals at higher racing/high boost applications. Again, 1/3 of it’s oil capacity is a measly 2 ounces. 2016-2020 Camaro SS to ZL1 Supercharger partial install parts - No supercharger,No Balancer,No Pump,No heat exchanger $ 2,229.00 2017 ZL-1 Intank Fuel Pump $ 271.90 2017-2019 Z06 SUPERCHARGER LID $ 799.00