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CGI (Common Gateway Interface) programs are programs that exist, and are run on, a web server. They are normally run by a client computer by clicking a button in their browser. CGI programs usually perform some task like a search, or storing information on the server, and also normally generate a dynamic HTML page in response to the user's request. Qt for Python enables developers to quickly create GUI apps on Windows, Linux and macOS with one codebase. In this article, I will share how to build a Python barcode reader with Qt on Windows. Since Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK is also cross-platform, it is easy for you to r ... With Qt 6 on its way, there was a clear need for a new meta layer for providing continued support for building Qt for embedded devices. Work for the new layer was started quite early when the Qt 6 build system change to CMake was still being developed and, for obvious reason, the layer was named meta-qt6.