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Bulk cable products and accessories from C2G include everything that's needed to run, terminate and test cables in the field. We carry boxes of networking and coaxial cable up to 1000ft...Josh Brolin som Cable: En tidsreisende kybernetisk soldat. Morena Baccarin som Vanessa: Wilsons forlovede som blir myrdet i begynnelsen av filmen. Julian Dennison som Russell Collins/Firefist: En ung mutant som blir jaget av Cable. Sala Baker som en eldre Firefist, som dukker opp i Cables fremtid. Aug 04, 2019 · The Splitter Cable is a special cable which prevents EU from flowing through it when a redstone current is applied. They can handle up to 2048 EU/p.. Cable Efficiency. All cables suffer distance-related energy losses, and depending on the tier and insulation of the given cable, the losses can vary greatly.